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New January 2015

  • Black Glass Icon Pack (New)
  • Black Glass CM Theme

Future Updates

Due to all the recent changes in launcher programs, ie: Next Launcher and TSF Shell 
Most themes will be updated to icon packs with of the actual launcher being themed.  I am aware that since primarily those two launchers were updated, you may not see some of the dock bar icons.  

As I update my themes,  I may slowly start to add in some of the custom launcher theme in addition to the themed icons.  I am currently looking at the changes that have been made to those launches.

Questions or Problems

Please contact me via email with any comments or questions you have.  This is a more efficient way to get an issue resolved.  Commenting on Google Play in the reviews, does not necessarily get noticed as it does not notify me when a comment is posted.  I try to occasionally check the reviews and ratings.  Ratings: however do help with the popularity of my apps, so please show your support and leave me a rating.

The Rest of 2015

I hope this will be a good year and I plan to get all my themes updated with the new application dashboard. 

Thank You for your continued support.


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