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II Luxurious - Smart Launcher

II Luxurious Theme Update to include newly added support for Smart Launcher! Update hopefully coming this weekend!

Theme Choosers Updated: Luxurious and Chrome AOKP CM Themes


ßeta Testers Wanted

SLCMotor Themes ßeta Testers Wanted:  Testing my Android Theme updates prior to final release. What i'm looking for are a few people who currently use CM themes.  Current themes in ßeta test, Luxurious and Chrome CM Theme.  (If you don't know what those are, then don't request to test CM themes). Requirements:  Must already have the theme you are testing and access to Google Play Store to download Take screenshots on your device and email screenshots (Phone or Tablet) Serious testers only, who want to improve the theme by making comments/suggestions At a later date when I get this going, I will need other testers for the Launcher Themes which most of you are use to.   I would need the same help as above in addition to each supported launcher. Thank you, E-mail me