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Black & Red Multi Launcher Theme New Year Sale

Get Black     Get Red These themes will work for the following launchers Go Launcher or Go Launcher EX 3.19+ ADW Launcher / ADW EX Apex Launcher free / paid Nova Launcher Personalized, original design work Custom Icon Pack Go Default Search Widget Wallpapers w / Wallpaper Picker Custom Dock Bars If you enjoy our Free Version, you will really enjoy these and we really appreciate your support. Thank you and we wish you a Safe and Happy New Year

Luxurious Update12/31/2012

 Update Today Whats Included:  New Icon Pack, replacing the icon pack that was included in the last update. Updated Wallpaper Backgrounds

Black Multi Icon - Update

Black Multi Icon Update Updated Go/Apex/Nova/ADW Launcher Icons Go Default Search Widget Added Default Layout Changed for ADW New Dockbars New Wallpapers   Get at  Google Play Store

Icon requests

Icon Requests There seems to be some confusion on making icon requests Please tell me which theme you are requesting the icon to be added. Example: Luxurious Tell me the name of the app of the icon (Name in google play store) Example: Twitter If you can attach a link to the application that would be great  Example: Email requests to or use our online requests form . If you understand android activities and want to further help us, you can get the activity name from and search for your app you are requesting. If found, copy and paste the last line in your request or on the online form.  Example: Thank You Depending on how many requests I get for the themes, I will complete them in a timely manner and include them in the next theme update.

Luxurious & Oblivion Update

New Updates now available for Luxurious Gold and Oblivion Chrome ADW/Go/Nova/Apex Launcher Themes. Many added icons, custom colors and other layout modifications included in this update

Obstruct - New Multi Launcher Theme

Obstruct Multi Launcher Theme ▼ This Theme will work for the following Launchers ▼ Go Launcher EX 3.19+ ADW Launcher / ADW EX Apex Launcher Free / Paid Nova Launcher * May work with other launchers * ▼ WHATS INCLUDED ▼ Custom Designs Icons Picker 10 Wallpapers w/ Wallpaper Picker 3 Dock Bars ▼ WHATS COMING ▼ Weekly Updates for now with several icons being added and user requests ▼ WHATS REQUIRED ▼ This theme will "open" on its own. It has many functions to control how theme is applied and allows user to provide feedback and communicate with me. You will still need to have Go/ADW/Apex or Nova Launcher installed to use all aspects of theme. ★ DESIGNED FOR HDPI. YOUR RESULTS MAY VARY WITH OTHER SCREEN RESOLUTIONS ★ Available @ Google Play ( SLCMotor Themes )