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Tungsten Green Updated

Updated Application Icon Pack

II Luxurious / Black Glass Updated

II Luxurious & Black Glass TSF Shell Folder Icon and other launcher icons Apex Action Icons and App Drawer icon ADW Action Icons

SLCMotor News

New January 2015 Black Glass Icon Pack (New) Black Glass CM Theme Future Updates Due to all the recent changes in launcher programs, ie: Next Launcher and TSF Shell  Most themes will be updated to icon packs with of the actual launcher being themed.  I am aware that since primarily those two launchers were updated, you may not see some of the dock bar icons.   As I update my themes,  I may slowly start to add in some of the custom launcher theme in addition to the themed icons.  I am currently looking at the changes that have been made to those launches. Questions or Problems Please contact me via email with any comments or questions you have.  This is a more efficient way to get an issue resolved.  Commenting on Google Play in the reviews, does not necessarily get noticed as it does not notify me when a comment is posted.  I try to occasionally check the reviews and ratings.  Ratings: however do help with the popularity of my apps, so plea

II Luxurious Updated

Updated II Luxurious Changed to Icon Pack Added New Icons *Due to constant changes and updates with Launchers - I will not theme each launcher as I have in the past, this may vary on theme and may or may not come back in future updates.

Black Glass Icon Pack and CM Theme Now Available

Supports Most Popular Android Launchers Root Access & Custom ROM with Theme Engine Required