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Evolution Theme Coming Soon

Coming Soon!

Black Gloss 3D Mode (Next Launcher)

Now Supporting 3D Mode for Next Launcher Available at Google Play Store

Black Gloss Update Coming Soon

Black Gloss Update Coming Soon!

Tungsten Theme Update Expected Soon

Currently I'm working on the update for Tungsten (Original) Theme. Not too much more to change before I am able to release.

TSF Themes

I'm not quite sure what is going on with TSF Shell, but it seems like the latest updates have caused some issues with theme users. I noticed the themes apply now without having to jump around and change things like in the last little tutorial I wrote.  However now, the icons have an issue. I now have to go into "Preferences" and then "Icon" which is the TSF Icon Designer that allows you to switch between different icon styles.  I will then select the two that match for the theme I am intending on  using and then select the Check Mark on the bottom middle of the screen.   This seems to have resolved the issue for me.  I hope it does for you as well. - SLCMotor