End of year report / New Year forcast

End of Year Report / New Year forcast:

  • CM / AOKP Themes: Currently these themes work quite well on CM and AOKP prior to Android 4.4 - They do work with 4.4 however some apps have screens where it might be hard to view/read some text. I am trying to resolve these issues.
  • Luxurious and Chrome CM / AOKP themes: I added icons to the theme that were not previously themed.
  • Key Lime Pie theme: Price as been reduced to 99 cents and shortly this theme will be discontinued.
  • Pink Gloss: Has been temporarily discontinued. I will be making several changes to the theme as it did not get quite the attention I was hoping for.
  • Free Gloss themes: I will be discontinuing these themes. I have paid versions of these themes which support everything plus more that the free themes offer. I will be slowly migrating these themes into my new app and supporting all the launchers that I can support. I may make slight enhancements on the actual icons to better improve the quality and resolution.
  • ICS Multi Theme: may be reduced in price and then discontinued shortly after.
  • Obstruct theme: may be reduced in price and then discontinued unless I see reason to keep the theme active.
  • Purple Passion: in line for updates
  • Blue Multi Theme: Undecided on continued support, may reduce price and eventually discontinue.
  • Oblivion, Reloaded, Wood, Evolution: Already have been updated but may still get current app update and migrate all to 3D Next Support.
  • Tungsten Colors, Steel Multi Themes, Blue / Red Sphere: to be in line for updates and possibly addition colors for Steel themes.
Free Go Locker themes: No updates scheduled – I will keep them around for the time being.
  • Future Projects: I only have one idea for a launcher theme for now which is not really a top priority, I also have been thinking of making a Chrome Pink or Chrome Purple CM / AOKP theme. (What are your thoughts?)
Other Ideas: If you have a great idea that you think will be worth spending the time building. Send me an e-mail.
Thank you for your continued support,



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