TSF Shell - Theme Problems/Fix

For some of you using TSF Shell, I just noticed a glitch when applying my themes, I also noticed this with other developers themes.  I will do my best and try to explain what I noticed and how to fix it.

1st after you install the theme and  you open the popup menu that has the theme option to choose your theme and select "Themes"

Once you select the desired theme that is installed on your device

Here I choose Luxurious and select Apply

I am presented with this popup and select OK

Here I see the theme has applied minus the icons are not done, disregard the clock as it is a widget
Now to fix so the icons are shown, you need to do the following from what I found.

Choose the icon on the bottom right and then the top settings icon, which will display another popup

Then select "Themes" on the top left which is the theme mixer I believe.

You are then presented with a "Themes Mix" popup which appears to be correct with all settings to the Luxurious theme or whichever theme you applied.  Now select the top option "Icon".

I found that you first have to select a different theme first and then click the check mark on the bottom middle.  You will then see your icons change to whatever theme you picked.  Then go back into Theme Mixer and select Icon, now scroll back to the actual theme you wish to use.  Here I will pick Luxurious and once again, select the check mark to apply.

Now you see it actually applied the icons to the home screen and the rest of the launcher.
(disregard the clock, as it is a widget and must manually be placed)

I hope this helps any of you who have theme packs and are unable to get them to display the way they should.  I have noticed on other themes packs that are set to auto populate the icons, it will do those correctly when you apply the theme in the first step, however it does not do the icons they have not skinned, normally they still include a base around the icons but they are not shown until you follow these steps.  

I can not say this is true for every theme out there, but this may be an easy fix for now until this issue is corrected.


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