Request Icons with App Getter included in new updates, please use it!

This new app getter is working great. Please continue to send us your icons because i am getting some great info to make our icon packs even more extensive.

What the SLCMotor App Getter does is creates a zip file of all the app icons on your device and includes the activity names. This will allow to skin more of the app icons you are missing. The activity names will allow me to skin more icons in your app drawer.

BigDX has developed an app to automate combining all these zip files I get and we can see what apps that most people have that are not included in my current icon pack! This is really ground breaking. So if we see that an app shows that 20 people have it and I'm not skinning then it will be in next update.

Here is an example of the info we can see now (after I run it through my processes)

That shows me the app name, activity, how many users had it installed and if I have it skinned already or not.

This is the next step to making SLCMotor apps the most intuitive on the Play Store.

Here is how the process of sending me your zip file from my app works.

Please use it and help me skin all the icons in your app drawer.


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