Q&A Go Launcher

 It has been brought to my attention a few times that my themes were not completely working with Go Launcher but were working fine with other launchers.   With communication back and forth between a user, I was able to figure out they had the (Show icon base) disabled in the settings.  I decided to post this to help others who may be having the same problem with my themes or others.

  • Go to Go Menu
  • Select Themes
  • Select settings icon on top left and scroll over to icons
  • Make sure show icon base is selected.

I hope this helps others and please remember, if you are having problems with any of my times, please contact me.  Usually it is an easy fix, but if you never ask, I will never know and won't be able to help.

Lastly, I would like to thank all of you who have purchased my themes and for those who have made suggestions or requests.    Please help me out by rating my themes on Google Play Store.

Thank you,



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